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Direct Mail Tips

What's So Great About Direct Mail?
o On average, every dollar spent on direct mail advertising brings in $10 in sales
o Over 50% of recipients of direct mail read it immediately
o Over half of the U.S. population placed an order by mail for a product or service.
o Over $250 billion in sales are directly attributed to direct mail each year.
o By using direct mail, businesses are expecting sales to increase more than 7% between now and 2006.

Why Use Postcards For Direct Mail?
Direct Mail with postcards is powerful, affordable and flexible. It allows you to inexpensively target exactly who you
want to reach, and can be easily adjusted for new product developments or market trends. Postcards catch your
customer's attention the moment they open their mailbox, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

According to the United States Postal Service, the Top 10 uses are:
o Generate leads
o Increase store traffic
o Respond to competitive activity
o Generate customer loyalty
o Create new customers/referrals
o Improve sales force efficiency
o Improve customer service
o Increase customers' average purchase amounts - generate higher sales
o Announce store hours/sales/new locations
o Augment media advertising to top prospects and select customers

Can Direct Mail Help Me Acquire New Customers Online?
A recent Forrester Research study states that although e-mail is the cheapest way to court existing customers, Direct
Mail is the most efficient for obtaining new customers.

How Does Direct Mail Differ From Other Forms of Advertising?
While television, radio, newspapers and magazines reach a large number of people, Direct Mail is:
o Relevant - it allows you to reach exactly who you need to reach, while leaving the rest alone.
o Measurable - you can measure the results of your mailings to the dollar easily.
o Affordable - direct mail is the most cost-efficient due to the ability of reaching only those you wish to contact.

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